Going “Pro”…

I’ve taken pictures for most of my life.  My first camera was a 110 format film camera back when I was a kid (click, crank, click, crank…).  Before digital, it never really interested me as a hobby.  It took too long between capturing a photo and viewing a print.  And the whole developing phase had a pretty steep learning curve, so unless you were happy taking your film to Walgreens, there wasn’t much to do about it.

Fast forward to the early naughts, where digital cameras came into play.  Take a picture, see the results on-screen instantly. Did it turn out horrible?  No problem, just delete the image and try again.  It didn’t take long for me to develop (pun intended) a keen interest in the hobby.  I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos since then, and have enjoyed every minute of it.  But it’s always just been a hobby.

Over the past year or so, I started thinking about selling my photographs.  There was never enough time to actually go through the work of doing it though.  And what happens if I go through all this work of setting up an online store only to find nobody cares enough to buy a print?

Eventually the idea kept eating away at me, and I decided it was time to go for it.  I came across Fine Art America a few weeks ago as a place to sell prints.  They provide all the online ordering services, printing, and shipping.  I just have to bring the photos and set the pricing.  That made things just a little bit too easy to pass up.

I’m starting with a pretty small sample of images on here for the time being, but I’ll be adding more images as time goes on.  Each photo has a link to the page at Fine Art America where you can place orders for standard prints with or without frames, canvas prints, or even metal prints.  They have a lot of nice products there to choose from.  I try to stick with the standard photo sizes, to keep customers from having to buy custom frames, but it’s not always possible depending on the shot.

I am also planning to post photography related articles to this blog.  Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow Radiant Lens on Facebook.  Thanks for visiting!

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