Micro Blog

DC 1/ A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Washington D.C.  The first morning we went out to see the monuments. The Lincoln Memorial was first, but when we got there, I turned to see the Washington Monument rising into the fog. I almost waited until after visiting the Lincoln Memorial before taking a picture of this, but if I’ve learned anything over the years of landscape photography, I know that when the sky conditions are right you don’t wait. I pulled my camera out of my backpack, and just when I was about to take a picture cropping out people in the foreground, I see these 4 women checking out the same view I was appreciating. I recomposed to include them in the frame and snapped this photo.

Oh, and when we finished with our visit to the Lincoln Memorial, the fog had lifted and this view was gone…

Bummed I missed the photo challenge this week, hosted by @douglane. Here’s hoping I’ll catch the next one…

I don’t manage to find myself on micro.blog too often (though that could now change that the Mac app is available).

Here’s my shot of #eclipse2017 during totality.  We drove down to Kinkaid Lake, near Murphysboro, Illinois.  Managed to avoid some of the crowds of nearby Carbondale, while still having 2:38s of totality to enjoy.  It was an unforgettable experience.

400mm on a APS-C camera was just about perfect to photograph the eclipse. Here’s a shot taken without a filter during totality. Amazing experience viewing from Southern IL.

My daughter, after riding the entire 8 miles around the perimeter of Mackinaw Island a couple of weeks ago. She was a total champ during the ride and was ready to keep going after we finished.