A few weeks ago, I went to a Snocross event here in Mt. Pleasant. While I wasn’t able to cover the entire track, I did find a few good spots to capture images from.  Most of the time I was able to keep my shutter speed up above 1/1000 of a second to freeze the fast action.

During the first hour of the event, I was over-using the 10 fps high speed shutter in the camera I was using.  I was capturing RAW to a 32GB CF card, and JPEG to a 32GB SDXC card.  In that first hour I ran through about half of my 32GB memory card.  With my other memory cards at home, I had to re-think my approach and make a few changes.

First, I decided that I didn’t need backups of every photo, so I stopped recording JPEG to the SDXC card.  Now the camera would instead capture everything in RAW and automatically switch to the SD card when the CF was full.

Second, I realized that even though snocross is fast action, I didn’t need a full 10 fps like other sports where tiny changes in position really count.  So I set my low-speed continuous shooting to 6 fps.

The last change I made was in my technique.  As the day moved on, I learned to be more judicious about when the best action was happening, and only held down the shutter at those more intense moments.  Bursts of 20 photos with a lot of throw-away images turned into bursts of about 4-5 photos at the peak of action.  That was about as few photos as I was willing to take, because the first couple photos would usually be waiting for the lens focusing to lock on to the fast-moving subjects.  (For focus settings on the 7D Mark II, I used focus case 1 at the beginning of the day, and then switched to focus case 6 later which I felt helped improve the focus speed.)

By the end of the day I ended up with a full CF card and about 50% of my SD card full, so I had plenty of room.  Next time I’ll not only have this experience to build off of, but I’ll make sure I don’t forget my extra cards at home for a full day sports event.

Hope you enjoy the gallery.  Next up on my Instagram will be some photos I took in December at Pismo Beach.

Kevin Durant Photographs Super Bowl 50

Most people associate Kevin Durant with the NBA. However, one of his hobbies is photography, and by a stroke of luck he got an offer to cover Super Bowl 50 from the sidelines. It was interesting to see the parallels between his experience photographing the Super Bowl and my own experience photographing a Central Michigan University football game last October.

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