Photographing a Conference

Last month I photographed a conference down in Austin, TX.  In this video, I offer several tips for photographing conferences.

For this conference, I was using a 5D Mark IV, 70-200mm f2.8L IS II, 16-35mm f4L IS, and a 24-105mm f4L IS.  Because I was traveling, I didn’t bring a full-sized second camera as a backup.  Instead, I packed the very portable Canon SL1.  It stayed in my backpack for the whole trip, but it did its job of providing peace-of-mind.  On paid jobs, you always want to have extra gear in case something goes wrong with your primary camera.

Bummed I missed the photo challenge this week, hosted by @douglane. Here’s hoping I’ll catch the next one…

I don’t manage to find myself on too often (though that could now change that the Mac app is available).

Here’s my shot of #eclipse2017 during totality.  We drove down to Kinkaid Lake, near Murphysboro, Illinois.  Managed to avoid some of the crowds of nearby Carbondale, while still having 2:38s of totality to enjoy.  It was an unforgettable experience.

400mm on a APS-C camera was just about perfect to photograph the eclipse. Here’s a shot taken without a filter during totality. Amazing experience viewing from Southern IL.

My daughter, after riding the entire 8 miles around the perimeter of Mackinaw Island a couple of weeks ago. She was a total champ during the ride and was ready to keep going after we finished.